Player of the year - Team fundraising program

Raise funds for your team by selling player trading cards!

Join our Player of the Year Team Fundraising Program. Enjoy a new way to generate crucial funds for your team and leave buyers with an incredible personalized gift from the player they supported.

50% profit with a $20 average order value!

We proudly offer an industry standard 50% profit margin on all team fundraising program orders with a $20 average order value. That means less selling and more profit for your players and the team!

Price/Profit Breakdown Example

Product (Example):
Premium Trading Card, non holographic, with protective case

Fundraising Sale Price: $20
Profit: $10

No Minimum. No Max.
Sell as many as you can!

  • Parents

    Place them on the fridge or mount it on your office desk. Trading cards make a great gift for parents.

  • Grandparents

    Trading cards make a unique and meaningful gift to give to grandma and grandpa.

  • Friends

    Friends, neighbors, and teachers also are a great resource for potential support.

Fundraising FAQs

How do I participate in the Team Fundraising Program?

Easy! Simply send us an email and get in contact with us. We will then send you more information on how to gather your teams images, and more.

How much money goes to the players?

We offer 50% of each trading card sale with an average sale price of $20. That means $10 of the sale goes to the player who is fundraising.

Our program aims to support the player and also ensures we are able to produce high-quality products that buyers will enjoy.

How do I place an order?

We are easy to work with and can assist you along the way during the team fundraising. Here are some general steps:

1. Prepare your team
Plan a start date and deadline for orders with your team.

2. Collect your teams orders
Get your teams orders and send them to us.

3. Collect your teams images
Send us your players images. If they have not taken their pictures yet, we can issue a credit to players to process their order at a later time.

4. Receive your order and distribute
We ship the order to you, the team lead/coach/or manager, and you distribute to the players and parents.

That's it!

What if my players have not taken or received their uniforms yet?

No worries. The team fundraising can happen at any point. If no image is available we will issue credits to the team or individual players. The credit allows them to submit their image and receive their order at a later time once they have their uniforms.

What if we don't have professional photos?

We use a blend of AI image enhancement and a team of photo editors to bring your ordinary images to life.

We can work with digital images direct from the team photos, scans of images, or photos taken by parents straight from their phone in most cases.

For tips on getting a great photo from your phone visit our photo shoot guide.

How do I collect the funds?

When your team is ready to submit the order we will ask for the order forms to determine cost.

We then ask for our half of the payment for our production cost and you keep the other half.